In today’s challenging economic climate, we know customers are looking for intuitive solutions that will transform how their business operates. SylSmart is our response. Enabled by lighting, this advanced solutions platform applies powerful technology and expert thinking to make your lighting work harder and take your environment to the next level of control. SylSmart. Smarter lighting. Smart choice.

SylSmart Connected offers a solution to users looking for floor wide or building wide controls which may also need building or wider integration. Designed to manage and control a wide area, these systems provide wider flexibility to control multiple areas while still delivering an easy to install, program and install solution. SylSmart Connected systems also feature higher in built intelligence systems able to continuously auto-commission themselves and ensure each area of the building is working together, maximising lighting efficiency and improving user comfort without elaborate hardware or programming needs. 

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SylSmart Standalone offers an easy to install and use solution to your lighting control needs. Designed with simplicity and intuitive use in mind, these systems deliver controls which can be operated freely of any central controller and do not require any wider infrastructure. Ideal for smaller installations where system complexity, programming and installation time is kept to a minimum, SylSmart Standalone systems still offer a flexible controls solution delivering increased energy saving and an improved user comfort with minimal pain for maximum gains. Sylvania offers a wide range of luminaires with integrated controls combined with its expertly crafted accessories to meet the needs of your projects. 

To Sylvania, the Internet of Things (IOT) is more than just a buzz word. We are leading the market in driving the Smart Building and developing the digital ceiling. Our SylSmart Beyond solutions aim to bring to its users all the benefits that only an IOT connected lighting infrastructure can deliver. Building on our Connected solutions, SylSmart Beyond takes your lighting installation far beyond what just a light can do. With SylSmart Beyond enabled luminaires, Sylvania aims to deliver a significant value to its customers beyond just lighting efficiency through feature integration, data acquisition and data analytics to create a truly intelligent building able to reduce costs beyond just lighting itself and create new opportunities to add value to your business.